A Young Girl's Afternoon

Above: Square of the Virgin, Valencia Spain    Oil painting by John Mills      2001           




in their color


some are black,

some are gray,

with glossy green



round their necks,

a few light brown


creamy white

with brown speckles,

fewer still all white.


When they walk,

their heads bob to and fro.

their peewee eyes,

red or yellow,

shine like glassy beads.



love to come together


be a friendly flock.



When bellies fill,

the birds contented,

rise into the air,

then take off flying

high above the earth,

circling and re-circling,

circling and re-circling,

soaring through the sunlit air.


Finally, descending,

swooping low,

their black shadows

move swiftly

oer the land below,

until at last,

they flutter to a landing,

on their roost


on the ground below.


Lively spirits,

drinkers of high air,

I too fly with them,

through the air.


(November 5, 1998)


                                       Virgil Gelormino       

                          Dayton, Ohio

       Mr. Gelormino has published works in English, Spanish and Italian.   We extend many thanks to him for sharing this lovely piece. 


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