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           Phra Buddha Chinnarat Temple

                                                                                  Phitsanulok, Thailand



A bird in a secluded grove
sings like a flute.
Willows sway gracefully
with their golden threads.
The mountain valley grows
quieter as the clouds return.
A breeze brings along the
fragrance of the apricot flowers.
Sitting here a whole day in peace,
till my mind is cleared of all cares,
I would tell you more,
but words fail.
If you come to this grove,
you will see yourself.

- Fa-yen


Here in Hsueh-tou Mountain
a rapid waterfall dashes
down thousands of feet.
Here nothing stays,
not even the tiniest chestnut.
An awesome cliff rises
up thousands of feet
with no space for you to stand.
My friends, may I ask:
Where do you proceed?

- Yung-ming (904-975)

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