Sensuous St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

The tropical plant Ginger abounds

Buck Island seen off coast

Casual dining at Breezes seen above

Bacchus Restaurant, Christiansted












My friends and I explore pristine waters
































The "Blue Moon" Restaurant in Frederksted








Local artisans/ amazing creations
















Fresh fruit available everywhere













Winged friends join our outdoor table for breakfast on the beach.






















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Inspired by adventurers like Lowell Thomas, Mills & Petersen have visited the major historical, modern and natural wonders of the world.  You will find these listed throughout this website, or you may view them directly by the following links:

Historical Wonders
bullet Acropolis, Greece
bullet Ancient Rome
bullet Bhaktapur, Nepal
bullet Circular Christian Churches, Denmark
bullet Qin Terra Cotta Warriors, China
bullet Eiffel Tower, France
bullet Ephesus, Turkey
bullet Grand Palace of Siam, Thailand
bullet Great Pyramids, Egypt
bullet The Great Wall, China
bullet Hermitage, Russia
bullet King Tut's Tomb
bullet The Kremlin
bullet Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
bullet Tikal Mayan Ruins, Guatemala
bullet Machu Picchu, Peru
bullet Nikko Monuments, Japan
bullet Pompeii, Italy
bullet Potala Palace, Tibet
bullet Roman Ruins, Island of Sicily, Italy
bullet Stonehenge, England
bullet Ale's Stones of Kasaberga, Sweden
bullet Taj Mahal, India
bullet Valley of the Kings, Egypt
bullet Wats (Ancient Temples), Thailand
Natural Wonders
bullet Antarctica
bullet Ayers Rock, Australia
bullet Grand Canyon, United States
bulletColca Canyon, Peru
bullet Great Barrier Reef, Australia
bullet Haleakala Crater, Hawaii
bullet Hana Volcanic Tube, Maui
bullet Harrison Caves, Barbados
bulletIguašu Falls, Brazil
bullet Matterhorn, Switerland
bullet Mount Cook, New Zealand
bulletMount Everest, Nepal
bullet Milford Sound. New Zealand
bullet Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
bullet Waimoto Caves, New Zealand